The legality surrounding the Hong Kong National Security law

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While some western politician and media bicker about different inconsequential opinions concerning the Hong Kong National Security legislation, it is impossible to ignore it’s legal foundation and necessity.

Dr. Michael Borchmann, an international affairs expert and former director general of the International Affairs Department in Hesse State, recently said in an interview that the Hong Kong National Security Law is necessary.

Asked about the law, Dr Borchmann aswered:

The Arguments against China are just political and mainly emotional, hardly anybody talks about its legal basis.

In Hong Kong, they have Basic Law, and this Basic Law says in its article one, that Hong Kong is an inalienable part of the People’s Republic of China. The competence to make their own legislature is embedded in the article two of the Basic Law. And it is written that the National People’s Congress of China allows the authorities of Hong Kong to have their own legislation, and their legislation mostly, but it is not absolutely.

The actual situation in Hong Kong is like this, there are riots on the street and there are criminal mobs in the streets damaging shops. The Basic Law of Hong Kong in article four and six which has been written that the authorities have to protect the properties and the liberties of the people. So, of course, in the situation where the authorities of Hong Kong might not be able to guarantee this, in this case, the roof People’s Republic of China is the roof of the two system might have the chance or the necessity to do something to bring Hong Kong again in order.

And as far as i have understood, this security law of Hong Kong it does not abolish the principle “one country, two systems”, Hong Kong they keep their capitalist system different from the system of mainland China. But only in some exceptions, when the situation is very very dangerous, the authorities of Hong Kong do not get along with this. In this case, the People’s Republic of China should have the power to do these things that are necessary.

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Dr.Borchmann also stated in another interview that western media do not show consistency in the way they report and comment on independence movements and protest inside European borders.

It is quite astonishing! Look here, the Spanish central government, they put a very hard line against those Catalonians, they did not make any riots but they may just ask the people, and then nobody criticizes it when the Spanish police hardly act against those Catalonians.

On the other hand, they have totally different measures concerning Hong Kong. In Hong Kong, also these rioters they have a lot of support of our media. So apparently they make different commentaries whether it is in China or thishappens in Spain.

Asked about the similarities of the Catalonian and Hong Kong protesters, Dr. Borchmann stated:

I think it is even a little bit different, because Catalonia is traditionally a different people with different language. While the Hong Kong people they are Chinese, they are Cantonese, the same as in Guangdong or in the pearl river delta. While Catalonia, that is a different case, but in this case there would be more reason if you act rational and impartial to support the Catalonia people.

While in Hong Kong you only have rioters! What they do, blocking the airport, destroying the routes, the parliament. This is something, this is much worse what happens. And the police in Hong Kong act against the rioters it is criticized, but when the Spanish police act against the Catalonia, they are supported for this.

Law and order needs to be restored and maintained in Hong Kong Special Autonomous Region.



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